Organic certification of both the growing and
textile transformation processes have been awarded
to our cotton fibers production partner Peru Naturtex
by severely internationally recognized and accredited
inspection organizations such as SKAL or

the Global Organic Textile Standard G.O.T.S.
No pesticides, herbicides, artificial growth regulators,
defoliants or other agro-chemicals have been used to
grow or color our Nativo, Pima and Tangüis cotton fibers.
All harvesting is done by hand, as it has been since the
domestication of cotton in Peru over 4,500 years ago.

Since 1997, separate licenses have been issued
to our Naturtex partner. No. 4235 covers the organic
fiber production. No. 5051 covers sustainable textile
production, in compliance with the SKAL manual
(Nov, 1999) for the processing of natural fibers, and
with the EU Directive No. 2092/91 governing
organic agricultural products.


Our organic pima cotton fiber production is covered
by the official Fairtrade Label Organization FLO
under the license No. 4543.


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